A book cradle makes all your stitched-spine binding projects so much more fun, fast - and accurate! This cradle works with books with up to 9" spines, assembles easily and folds flat for storage and travel.

And it's economical to make!

What we'll cover in this course.

  • Supplies - materials you'll need to construct the cradle.
  • Tools you'll need - I bet you already have them!
  • How to cut the pieces to their sizes.
  • How to assemble the book cradle.
  • You'll be piercing holes for your handbound books in no time!

Simple Materials

Only Simple Tools Needed to Make Your Cradle

Never Have This Happen Again!

How does a Book Cradle Work?

Simply place your folded signature in the cradle, butt all the pages up to one end so they're all aligned and pierce all the holes in the signature at the same time. I supply templates for piercing the holes with all my bookbinding classes to help make your books a success!

At the end of the class you'll have a handy tool that folds flat to travel and for storage!

Once you have a book cradle, you'll wonder how you ever managed without one! Now you can get the hole piercing step over more quickly and accurately and on to the fun stuff!

You have lifetime access to this course in case you lose your cradle!

Example Curriculum

  First Section
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  Supplies and Preparing the Cradle Parts
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  Assembling the Pieces of the Book Cradle
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  One Last Tip and Thanks for Taking the Class!
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