Have you ever bound a book?

Let me tell you - it is so satisfying! Once you've bound one book, you'll realize there are so many more possibilities. By changing one or two things, you will make a completely different book. Whether it's for a journal, a photo book or an artist's sketch book, you can let your creativity soar.

Once you start binding books, your friends will be amazed and want their own. You can start your own little bindery or send them to register in this course so you can have "binding dates"!

We are going to make a fun "art" journal in this class, not venture into any fine binding techniques which can be quite involved.

The Criss Cross Coptic Binding....

makes a beautiful handbound book that can be filled with many different types of paper. It features decorative stitching along the spine that adding interest to an already beautiful book. When it opens, it lies flat.

Hi! I'm Suzanne and I'm a calligrapher, bookbinder and designer in the craft industry.

I've worked at and taught lettering and bookbinding to many students in many guilds and outlets over my bookbinding "career"!

It's such a joy to me (and the student!) when they complete a handbound book and are holding their creation in their hands.

After years of teaching in person, this seemed like a good time to get my knowledge and experience somewhere that you have lifetime access!

You can find me at www.quietfiredesign.ca

This class is beginner friendly!

Bookbinding = paper + thread + boards.

But it is so much more! You may have already tried bookbinding and found how many things can go wrong when you're starting out. I've taken all the frustration out the process, so you can concentrate on making a beautiful book.

What to Expect

  • You'll learn about easy-to-get tools - you probably already have everything you'll need. And I'll share my favourites and tell you why I like them.
  • The course is broken down into simple lessons that make perfect sense.
  • You have lifetime access to the course so you can return for a tune-up at any time. It will be easy to pop back into the right spot when you return for a review.
  • You'll gain loads of information, tips and techniques in short digestible lessons.
  • You get three fantastic bonus lessons!
  • Did I mention you have lifetime access?

Decorative Paper for the Cover and Inside Pages

Learn the best types of paper to use for your cover, what to avoid and why.

Pierce and Stitch

Learn what works and doesn't with thread, needles and awls. Suzanne, what's an awl? All will be answered during the Supplies section.

Templates are included

You can re-use these over and over, or print a new one every time you make a book.

You'll Learn the Knots

Face it, you're stitching with thread - you're going to have to tie a knot or two!

You'll Learn the Stitching Pattern, Step by Step

It's a stitching pattern! Once you learn it, you won't want to stop.

Learn About Some Super Useful Tools

You may not have some of these tools, but you might just want to get them after you can't stop making books!

Bonus Lesson 1!

Learn how to add a window to your cover.

Bonus Lesson 2!

Learn how to create deckle edges to your pages.

Bonus Lesson 3!

Learn how to wax your own thread.

Example Curriculum

Available in days
days after you enroll
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Preparing the Covers
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Preparing the Book Block & Cover for Stitching
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Stitching the Book Together
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Extra Tips & Wrap Up & Thanks!
Available in days
days after you enroll

What you'll know when you finish this course.

  • You'll be on your way to making your own handbound books for yourself or friends and family.
  • You’ll have developed fundamental skills that will help with all your handbound creations and help develop your own style.
  • You’ll know how to look for problems in your stitching and how to solve them.
  • You will have gained confidence and satisfaction with making each and every book.

So let’s step into bookbinding adventures and create our very own handbound Coptic journal. I'll see you in the first lesson!

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I'm Suzanne and I'm a calligrapher, bookbinder and designer in the craft industry!

I've taught thousands of students from all over the world. I love breaking down a complex concept and organizing it in a step-by-step way - mostly because that's how I need to learn it myself!

Please visit me at


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